Change Log for KingSize WordPress Version 4.1.6

This update addresses some concerns discovered in the WordPress 3.9 release.

How do I update?

Please read the article:

Remember to ALWAYS backup your website before you update.

We cannot be held responsible for any issues that are encountered during your updating.

Version 4.1.6 Change Log

This is considered as a “Maintenance” update.

The following files have been modified in the release of KingSize Version 4.1.6:

  • /archive.php
  • /functions.php
  • /loop.php
  • /screenshot.png
  • /style.css
  • /lib/footer_gallery.php
  • /lib/tinymce/tinymce.js

We have also included the following changes:

  • /Documentation/
  • /Fullwidth Audio Player/

Version Notes

1. Updated the screenshot that was forgotten in Version 4.1.5 to reflect current version.

2. Updated template tags and description in style.css

3. Fixed the bug discovered in Archives when displaying Galleria and SlideViewer in posts.

4. Fixed the Add Media bug discovered in WordPress version 3.9.

5. Fixed the Shortcodes bug discovered in WordPress version 3.9 due to new TinyMCE.

6. Fixed the issue discovered when disabling comments in Archives.

7. Renamed the “Patched Files” folder in Documentation to “Patches / Extras”.

8. Updated the “readme.txt” file found inside the “Patches / Extras” folder.

9. Included a new patch / extra for using External Background Images for backgrounds.

10. Updated the “Fullwidth Audio Player” plugin to use the latest stable version available.

Patches / Extras

This folder was included in our last update to accommodate certain environment changes.

For example, it contained on the “contact-send.php” file to replace the default contact-send.php.

This was used for including the “senders” email address in the “from” field when using contact.

By default, to avoid security issues of most hosting environments, emails are sent from “” when using the contact form. This was done as many hosting environments did not let PHPMailer send from anonymous or unknown email addresses not associated with its server.

The patched file, would (if the environment allowed it) replace the no-reply email address used.

We have now included a new patch for “External Background Images” to be used as backgrounds.

The readme.txt included in this folder will explain in more detail what this patch is used for.

Buyer Support Forums

Since our last update, we moved our support forums and it has been a huge success in doing so.

Our previous support forums lacked a lot of important features that made things for buyers more convenient and easier (such as notifications of replies, private messaging and easy ability to mark things resolved or opened). We’d like to thank everyone for their patience in that transition.

Please note that buyer support is ONLY available on our Buyer Support Forums so please register.

For reference:

If you encounter any issues, errors, bugs and/or etc., please use the Support Forums for assistance.