Change Log for KingSize WordPress Version 4.1.5

Today we’re releasing version 4.1.5 of KingSize WordPress.


We’ve moved our Support Forums to – please register for buyer support here.

Remember to ALWAYS BACKUP FIRST when updating your website. Also read our How to Update post for help updating your website.

We had hoped to have our responsive version (v5.0) out by now but unfortunately we haven’t yet completed that. Though we’d like to extend a big thanks to the 30+ people whom have contacted us regarding the BETA testing request in early February. The response was overwhelming. We have been able to make a lot of leeway with your contributions and the feedback provided.

We are now in stage three of beta testing and hope to be finalizing a stable release in the coming few weeks. So once more we hope to say this is the last update for version 4 and in with version 5.0. We do appreciate your sticking with us and do apologize for any inconvenience, but ask you bear with us just a little longer now.

Without further delay, allow me to introduce version 4.1.5.

Change Log for Version 4.1.5

Let’s first review the list of files changed (Change Log):

  • /functions.php
  • /index.php
  • /loop.php
  • /single.php
  • /style.php
  • /template-blog.php
  • /template-colorbox.php
  • /template-fancybox.php
  • /template-galleria.php
  • /template-portfolio.php
  • /template-prettyphoto.php
  • /template-slideviewer.php
  • /admin/front-end/options.php
  • /admin/functions/functions.options.php
  • /css/colorbox.css
  • /css/jquery.fancybox.css
  • /css/prettyPhoto.css
  • /documentation/help.html
  • /js/galleria/
  • /js/helpers (new folder)
  • /js/jquery.colorbox.js
  • /js/jquery.colorbox-min.js
  • /js/jquery.fancybox.js
  • /js/jquery.fancybox.pack.js
  • /js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js
  • /js/jwplayer.js
  • /js/jwplayer.flash.swf
  • /js/jwplayer.html5.js
  • /js/mediaplayer/
  • /lang/
  • /lib/footer_gallery.php
  • /lib/gallery_template_style_js.php
  • /lib/shortcodes.php
  • /lib/slider.php
  • /lib/gallery/gallery-meta.php (new file)
  • /lib/gallery/gallery-posttype.php
  • /lib/gallery/gallery_shortcodes.php
  • /lib/gallery-widget/loop-attachment.php
  • /lib/portfolio/portfolio-functions.php
  • /lib/tinymce/tinymce_fnc_options.php
  • /lib/tinymce/tinymce.js

Total number of modified files for this version: 50+

If you’re thinking “Man, that’s a lot of modifications!” you’re absolutely correct! In this update, we’ve released some modifications that will cater to our next release being version 5.0. We have updated a lot of the outdated scripts, as well corrected a few bugs that affected multiple files for those specific features…

Update Overview & Details


In previous versions we had an option to use “custom_id” in the Galleries but due to this functionality being since depreciated, we have updated all files to remove this obsolete option and have made it so that users still using this option will revert to using the “drag and drop” ordering which is the default ordering.


There was a bug with sliders not recognizing the Category ID assigned in Portfolio background sliders. This has been resolved.


 We have updated ALL gallery scripts (Colorbox, Fancybox, Galleria, PrettyPhoto and SlideViewer). Fancybox having noticeable changes:

A.  Fancybox: It’s responsive, though our template currently isn’t (sorry!).

B.  Fancybox: The “Title” and “Description” will have a new look and feel.

C.  Fancybox: The “Left-to-Right” animation has a new effect when clicked.

*If you’re unpleased with the changes in updating the Fancybox scripts, we can provide you with the old files for this. Though keep in mind reverting to the older version will then be using outdated scripts.


We have updated JWPlayer to use the latest stable version which is 6.0. Visit their website for latest features and documentation.


Resolved the bug when Gallery “Titles and Descriptions” where disabled it also removed the image source code “Alt” and “Title” tags.


Overlooked in previous versions, the Blog Featured Images did not include “Alt” and “Title” tags. Images will now include these tags.


Removed Theme Option to disable / enable “Titles and Descriptions” on SlideViewer since this gallery does not make use of these.


Previously PrettyPhoto by default allowed a maximum 30 thumbnails in lightbox. We have increased this limit to allow 100 thumbnails.


Updated the language files to include the new translations available by WordPress. Also fixed a few keywords that weren’t translating.


Removed the “max-width” from the SuperSized Slider background to better accommodate the use of the adjustable browser sizes.


In some hosting environments there was an error being generated that is now resolved. We recommended you clear your error logs.


The documentation has been updated in both the main download folder and the included documentation in your “kingsize” folder.


Updated the Theme Options to include button links (beside the Save Changes) to our Buyer Support Forums and Video Tutorials.


We have removed the WYSIWYG Text Editor in the “Galleries” post-type as this feature was not functional and often confusing.

*The “Galleries” post-type is simply for housing your images. If for any reason you require this editor you can contact us via our Support Forums and we can give you an updated copy of the file or explain the steps to comment out this removed feature.


We have included a new feature that enables you to “Branding the Login Page” used by WordPress when logging into your site.

Go to “Theme Options > General Settings” and where you find your logo setup is an option to enable the branding of the login page. When enabled this will re-use your uploaded logo.


Added new shortcode for “single Dropcap” without having it in half columns. Now added as “Dropcap” in shortcode selector.


As you can see, this was primarily a “Feature” and “Bug” fix release.

It’s our hope that there will be no bugs discovered in this release and we’ll continue chugging along to get done our responsive release.

Though if you do discover any new bugs, please use our Support Forums.

We appreciate your reading this and hope this update benefits you all.