Change Log for KingSize WordPress Version 4.1.3

We are very pleased to announce the latest release of our template, version 4.1.3 which includes some minor fixes that were already available as a patched download on our support forums, along with a few that were more recently discovered. We’ll elaborate on these below. 

Important, read the following:

  1. How do I update?
  2. How do I backup?

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to BACKUP YOUR WEBSITE before you perform any changes and/or updates. As we have been asked a lot on how to make backups, we’ve created a simple blog post that will link you a few resources that may help. If you’re uncertain, try reading this article mentioned above. Thanks!

Change Log List

  • /comments.php
  • /footer.php
  • /header.php
  • /single.php
  • /style.css
  • /template-galleria.php
  • /admin/functions/functions.options.php
  • /lang/
  • /lang/en_EN.po
  • /js/jquery.colorbox.js
  • /js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js
  • /lib/background_video.php
  • /lib/contact-form.php
  • /lib/general.php
  • /lib/theme-page-custom-fields.php
  • /lib/theme-post-custom-fields.php
  • /lib/gallery/gallery_shortcodes.php
  • /lib/portfolio/portfolio-functions.php
  • /lib/portfolio/portfolio-meta.php
  • /php/contact-send.php

Overview of Changes / Modifications

We’re going to do things a little different this time. Instead of just giving you the brief details, we’re going to also link you to the threads that sparked the fix or solution, or raised our attention to the issue that was fixed. We’d like to thank all those whom have helped us identify the issues and those whom have made suggestions where we could improve on our existing options and functionality – along with approaches taken.

Contact Form (forum link):

We’ve taken the suggestion of this buyer and improved our contact form. We’ve also improved it’s stability to work within more environments.

Background Videos (forum link):

This was a bug with the content area not showing when videos were selected as your background choice.


Fixed styling to work when used on pages/posts with and without sidebars.

Grid Overlay:

In previous versions, we coded this backwards. By default, write-panel (meta) options for enabling the Grid Overlay were set to “Enabled”. This caused an issue when disabling the Grid Overlay from within the Theme Options globally. We’ve resolved this by marking them “Disabled” by default on your individual pages and posts.

There is a catch though. Old pages and posts will retain the old write-panel (meta) option as “Enabled” so you will have to manually disable these. All new pages and posts created from this point forward though will be marked as “Disabled” and when setting the global Theme Option as disabled, it won’t be overruled.

This enables you to “Disable” the Grid Overlay as a global option with the ability to “Enable” it on individual pages and posts as desired.

Resizer Incompatibilities:

In some environments, due to hardened security the resizer scripts were not supported, such as on GoDaddy for example. So we created a separate file that would address the general.php related errors. In this updated version our resizer scripts now come conditional to determine what settings are supported by your hosting environment.

Language (forum link):

Certain items related to the “Comments” were not being translated by the language files. We’ve corrected this issue and modified a few other areas.

Image Wrap (forum link):

Floating images left/right did not write the contents around the images.

Password Protection (forum link):

Minor styling issue with the Password Protected page display.

Widget > Categories (forum link):

Minor styling issue with the display of the Category Selections / Drop-down.

Required Comment Fields (forum link):

We’ve made conditional the “required” fields by WordPress.


The titles in Galleria galleries were being displayed twice. Now it properly displays Title and Description.

Portfolio Lightbox:

The image titles in lightbox were being displayed twice.

Colorbox in Internet Explorer:

Colorbox styling issues were noticed in Internet Explorer.

Blog > Featured Image (forum link):

The featured image when shown inside the posts with no sidebars were showing sizes as if sidebars were enabled, now resizing properly.

Native Gallery Captions (forum link):

We fixed a styling issue with captions not aligning properly.

Video Backgrounds (forum link and this one):

There were a few issues known here. The MP4 Video Backgrounds stopped working due to a styling related issue. There was also a known issue with the conditional controller options on YouTube and MP4 Video Backgrounds.

Exclude Featured Thumbnail:

Now inside your Portfolio items, if you want to exclude the “Featured Image” thumbnail from lightbox you can now do so with the newly added write-panel (meta) option.

Tables in Internet Explorer (forum link):

Fixed a styling issue with tables in Internet Explorer.

Express Install (.xml file):

We’ve updated the Express Install to be more current with our demonstration. We’ve also cleaned up things a little and hopefully made it a little easier getting started.

Update Conclusion:

We strongly recommend you follow the update instructions (generalized) here: How do I update? and always suggest you perform a complete backup of your website prior to updating your template.

If you have made modifications into your core theme files than you will want to carry those over before updating. We would suggest that you consider using the “Child Theme” available to KingSize WordPress. For details on using your Child Theme, please refer to the template documentation.

If you’ve questions or bugs to report, please use the Support Forums. We will always work to quickly address any bugs mentioned and release a patch as they’re necessary. Patches will always be available as an announcement and sticky-post on our support forums. As required we will submit newer versions to address any issues that may have been discovered and reported.

We thank you for your time reading this and hope you enjoy all the newly released updates in version 4.1.3.